What’s It Worth?


“What is my home worth?” It seems as though this question pops up in one’s mind at the most inopportune moments, most commonly when the professionals qualified to answer this question are usually sleeping…

For most North Americans, our net worth is tied to the market value of our home. A home’s value determines how much a homeowner can potentially sell their home for, as well as the amount someone can borrow through a mortgage refinance or home equity line of credit. With so much depending on the value of homes, it’s no wonder homeowners are concerned with their property’s value. To get the most accurate information about the value of your home:

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An Amoré realtor is knowledgeable about your local market and has intimate knowledge of nearby schools, neighborhoods and sales that may not be considered in a homeowner’s personal analysis. These factors can give you a more accurate assessment of your property value. Even more so, a good realtor understands when to order a pre-appraisal to eliminate any guesswork. In doing so, the possibility of a poor appraisal surfacing while under contract becomes minimal. The energy put in to contest a low appraisal can be allocated in more productive directions.

Know your source when making important decisions about your investments.

We help people. That’s our business.

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