What Makes A Community Great?


We’ve heard from a number of clients and community members regarding what priorities they consider prior to investing in a community:

Good schools, Outdoor access, Public transportation, Quality of Life, Size of community, etc.

To name a few…

After this weekend’s Compassion Film Festival here in Carbondale, it’s important to look at what organizations and community initiatives are at work to make the community you live in a great one. Like any great relationship, it takes work. Who is working in your community to make a difference and continue growing grassroots efforts and initiatives that matter? It’s an important point to consider. Without these organizations, the value of your investments in a particular community inevitably go down.

Amoré Realty encourages you to ask businesses about what they are doing to invest in our community and its programs. Align your dollars with those organizations that get into action and make our community a great one.

Want to find out what we’re doing to make a difference? See below:

Amoré Realty Gift Back Program


“The motivation is to highlight people actively making a difference, celebrate them, and then inspire others to do the same.”

-Aaron Taylor

Director of Way of Compassion Dharma Center

Way of Compassion Dharma Center

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