5 Key Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent


5 Key Questions to ask a Real Estate Agent

Point and Click

We are so used to making decisions with the click of the mouse. Like me and click here are becoming synonymous with Yes. Click here leads us to a new page with new opportunities. There has become a trust level inherently built in.  Unfortunately, our choices thru advertising don’t always lead us the best place. For example, when choosing a broker to help you buy or sell your home, you definitely want to ask some key questions before you commit to working with a specific broker.

  • What is your experience and local expertise? Do you have additional credentials to assist buyers or sellers and what are they?
  • What do you do differently from other brokers who help Buyers or help sellers?
  • Have you ever failed at helping someone?  If so tell me about that experience.
  • What is your greatest reward being in real estate?
  • I’d like to talk to several of your clients, past and present – will you let me do that?


The next time you are looking at Real Estate Websites for buying or selling information, please don’t “click to commit”.   Buying or selling real estate is a complex and it involves money that is probably the biggest expense you will ever transact with and it should be done carefully and with an experienced professional. Consider us here at Amoré we work with you to build trust. Our brokers are experienced, knowledgeable and work hard. We help people, that’s our Business.


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