What does it mean to have an “Estate?”



Investing in real estate allows for goals to be reached and dreams to be fulfilled. What happens when things don’t go in the direction you envisioned?

Sprincz Advisory Group reminds us that ‘estate’ doesn’t always mean a mansion with a swimming pool, but rather refers to the assets you’ve acquired over a lifetime – your home, automobiles, insurance policies, bank and retirement accounts, heirlooms, and much more. Since most retirees will have assets that may benefit their heirs when they are no longer here, it is important to take the necessary steps to pass them on with as little interference as possible. Hey let’s face it, even when you’re not retired, having the necessary steps in place if the unexpected happens allows for a greater sense of ease and enjoyment while living in the present moment.

In addition to scheduling all of the “to do’s” on your move in or move out checklist, make sure you have an appointment scheduled with a financial advisor to help navigate some of the next steps, if your plans end up changing unexpectedly.

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