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There are so many things to consider when purchasing a home and a hot topic in today’s market is what a buyer will end up paying when their home is finally paid off. Not only are buyers looking at what rate they qualify for but the long term costs associated with that rate. It’s important to consider which lender will not only get the deal done but save you money in the long run.

David Townsley, from TIAA Bank in Glenwood Springs, discusses a new product that he is aligning buyers with that is saving them a lot of money:

“I locked a borrower in yesterday buying a property as a new investment home, loan amount of about $600K (High FICO’s) using our new Fixed 15/1 Arm (amortizes over 30 years) at 4.375% with 0 discount.  On a normal FNMA High Balance or Non-Conforming 30 year loan, he would have qualified for a low to mid 5% with no points.  This is a fantastic program to help take the sting out of the higher rates we’re seeing.  I have three purchases in the $800- $1.5M range right now and all the borrowers are using it and very happy about the savings… two of them were working with other lenders who said there was no way they could match our rates/fees. One buyer didn’t want to sell his home  as a condition of buying the new home and I got the approval with a debt ratio of just under 50%.”


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David Townsley TIAA Bank

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