Going “Home”


When exploring the definition of “home,” an inquirer is left with a myriad of opinions and concepts. Computer applications and web sites denote the home screen and home page as a central navigation point. Instinct draws animals back to their home territory after leaving it. Those with wanderlust or nomadic tendencies encapsulate the meaning of home as a place where one is most comfortable in their own skin. Gurus of introspective work, or seekers of a Higher Power, may relate home to a spiritual connection or an entrainment of energy. In the context of corporations and business locations, the home office or headquarters is the cultural interface and pulse of the organization.

This can be an important piece to consider when investing in a “home.” For some, identifying a structure that suits a family’s everyday needs is most important. For others, “home” is a broader concept that explores more intangibles, such as:

  • Creating a sense of connection through community to represent home and belonging.
  • Choosing a location that allows ease of living or disconnection from every day demands.
  • Rooting bare feet in green grass or hands digging in rich soil.
  • Saying yes to last minute coffee dates or shopping excursions within walking distance.
  • Discovering home on the back of a horse or on top of a mountain.

It’s easy to adopt a predetermined script of what characteristics to look for when searching for a new home. Maybe it’s time to contemplate your current living situation and see what adjustments need to be made to better align with your meaning of home. The takeaway here is to explore what home means to you.

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