Be Kind

Smile, wave, say Hi, return the grocery cart to the store, allow people in the roundabout, move over when someone is walking down the sidewalk, say “you first”, pay for someone’s coffee, shovel your neighbor’s walkway, tip extra, help someone with their packages at the post office, leave quarters at the laundry mat, make a meal for someone, give Kleenex boxes to the schools, write thank you notes, visit a senior center, give $ to a stranger, don’t hang up on telemarketers, allow people to cross the street, pull forward at the gas station…..

You get the idea!

Let’s make Carbondale known as the friendly town that overflows with generosity and kindness.

Amoré Realty is located right in the heart of Carbondale on Main Street.

We help people, that’s our Business. (970) 963-5177

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