What do all the designations mean? And why they matter…
Designations, What they Mean and WHY IT SHOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE to you! When you contact a Broker, who has met these designations, you know you will be greeted with the extra care that comes with proven expertise. Not just anyone can display these designations. They must be earned, by taking additional classes, passing high level exams and demonstrating a high level of knowledge of the Real Estate Industry through a minimum number of closed transactions. The Broker must demonstrate expertise in all levels of Real Estate, and maintain an active educational involvement to remain current on changing issues and concerns. Given a choice, from the thousands of licensed Real Estate associates who have gotten their license by completing the bare necessity of attending classes and taking a test, you should always pick the most experienced Broker you can. These designations are proof your Broker is doing business at the highest level of Integrity and Knowledge available to you.
MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. The MBA individual knows how to run a business and knows how to create success within a business. Specifically Lynn’s background is in International Business which is an advantage in Real Estate since the majority of real estate business now is generated globally.


MRE stands for Masters Level Experience in Real Estate. This recognition demonstrates to the public and the real estate industry the highest possible experience and education that a Realtor can obtain.


GRI stands for Graduate, Realtor Institute. The GRI designation is recognized throughout the nation as the standard for real estate professionalism and knowledge. The GRI designation signifies a dedicated and knowledgeable Broker. A Broker with the GRI designation ranks among the top performers in the country.


CRS stands for Certified Residential Specialist. Brokers who receive the CRS Designation have completed advanced courses and have demonstrated professional expertise in the field of Residential Real Estate. Only 40,000 Brokers nationwide have earned the credential. CRS Brokers work together nation wide and can utilize the national referral network. Clients can be referred to outstanding Brokers in an area that they are looking to relocate to, keeping the Broker they know in the loop.


ABR the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. The additional specified educational and practical experience criteria focus specifically on representing the real estate buyer. Attaining this level of recognition, combined with years of experience and satisfied clients is limited to a select few Brokers who chose to reach this level of customer service.


CRB stands for Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager. It is recognized industry-wide as the symbol if excellence in Brokerage Management. Only Leaders in the Industry reach this level of professionalism and professional achievement.


SPHR stands for Specialist in Human Resources. The SPHR is recognized in Corporations World-wide for the person in charge of all Human Resources of the firm. Traditionally this was known as “Personnel”. Over the years, as the job requirement changed, and the scope of Corporations changed, the Human Resource position became a most important one. In charge of everything from policy & procedure, benefits, special situations, to relocation of employees and assisting them are part of the HR job. The SPHR know how to help people and knows how to be resourceful.

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