Decluttering Ideas


Decluttering Ideas

There all kinds of theories on how to declutter. From “If you don’t use it, lose it” to Does it spark joy?” Sometimes a guide just helps. Here are some tips on what to throw or give away.

Wire hangers, last year’s calendars, shoes you don’t wear, old toys, socks with no mate, expired makeup, old spices (tip: write the date on the jar when you purchase it.), last year’s holiday cards, unidentified frozen objects, movies you don’t love, expired food, books and cookbooks you won’t read again, take out menus, take out condiments, unidentifiable keys, old formal wear, old glasses, old chargers and cables, old remotes and finally old coats. These are just a handful of ideas but hopefully it sparks some good ideas of your own.

Whether you are getting ready to move or just decluttering, less stuff does equal less stress. 

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