Costs to Consider


Partnering with the right lender when purchasing a home is imperative. As real estate experts, Amoré Realty offers additional costs to consider when purchasing a home.

How much does it cost to maintain the home I’m looking at buying? What should I be budgeting for per month?


Michael Keenan discusses in his article on how planning on an “additional $1200 per month is a reasonable starting place when factoring in costs to maintain a home.” This figure may be high or low depending on where you invest. A more rural property may have higher price tags in terms of maintenance compared to a home closer to services and vendors, however, it may offer lesser amounts in tax. There are numerous aspects to factor in. Living in an area like the Roaring Fork Valley can factor in a higher cost of living, in general, which translates to bottom line expenses being higher.

As a general guide, there are a number of online resources that offer All-House Maintenance Manuals that may better illustrate home maintenance needs before running into an expensive problem.  They also offer a realistic perspective when considering a monthly maintenance budget and what it takes to properly keep up a home. It’s worth doing an online search to see what resource best matches your housing interests.

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