Compassion Fest


Supporting local businesses and non-profits is a huge part of Amoré Realty. Being a part of Compassion Fest this year was an honor.

Here is a thank you note that we received this year:

Thank you for sponsoring the second annual Compassion Film Festival and Symposium! We could not have done it without you! Thanks to supporters like you we were able to offer 3 days of films, workshops, events, and music centering around Compassion In Action. We believe that through inspiration, tools, and resources, the powerful force of compassion can be cultivated in each one of us. This compassion can then be the force for positive change within ourselves and our communities. The world has never been in more need of skillful compassionate actions than now and by supporting our festival we know that your business believes the same! got milf.
real lesbian couple outdoors.

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