Carbondale Special Olympian


Santa came a little early this year for Carbondale Special Olympian, David Hayes. Thanks to the work of a small group of his friends, Hayes, 52, can now reach out and touch his far-ranging relatives, friends and acquaintances via the Internet and e-mail. Hayes, who with his mother, Lois, has lived in Carbondale since the early 1980’s, is a well-known face around town, whether he’s pushing his lawnmower to one of the many homes where he does lawn work for a small fee, or waiting for a ride to one of the many Special Olympics practices or events that he takes part in. Hayes, 52, whose bid for Special Olympic Gold is being sponsored by Amoré Realty for the second year in a row, stopped by the Amoré Realty office to pick up his sponsorship check. While there, he mentioned to Broker, Lynn Kirchner, that he wanted to be able to communicate with his nephew, stationed with a Marines Special Forces unit in Iraq. His nephew, Ian Cunningham, can only communicate by e-mail, and Hayes, who did not have a computer.

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